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Why Do Mobile Networks Take So Long to Upgrade?

When we learn about some new feature that is available on the best mobile networks, we start to wonder why it is not available to us right now. People would be surprised to learn there are so many parts of the United States where 4G LTE connections are still not at a stable level. There are so many areas where you are reduced to 3G speeds in the U.S.

quadrature hybrid coupler

Mobile Network Construction

The fact is that setting up a mobile network is not a simple undertaking. There are so many moving parts that must be brought into sync. And it is a huge physical undertaking, as there are small and large components that must be installed and tested before the network is operational. It is not as simple as plugging in some new equipment and having those better speeds that people want.

Components Must Improve

In some cases, mobile companies wait on components to improve. For instance, devices such as the quadrature hybrid coupler must be capable of better and more stable connections or there is no progress. That is why it is taking some time for the 5G networks to roll out around the world. The technology is there. But some components are not ready.

Upgrades Take Time

Even when the tech is there, it takes time for an entire network overhaul. It is easier in major cities, as the infrastructure is in a more centralized space. But as soon as we get into open land spaces with sparse populations, it is harder. Those towers have to be in so many different spots to ensure complete coverage.

And companies must also look at the cost of these upgrades. If the upgrade is only serving a few rural customers, does it make sense for them to spend a lot of money on giving those customers these higher speeds?