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On Your Marks, On Your Command, It’s All Systems Go, And It’s All Stations Or Express

dcc command station

Full marks to you if you have chosen this one as your next long-term hobby.

But full encouragement to you if you have yet to get this world popular hobby off of the ground. Be determined and in time you will be one of the many proud owners of a full-fledged model train system at home. Those of you who have already taken your marks – you already have a model trainset, but would dearly love to build on it – but blown your station whistle one too many futile times should be ready for an entry level dcc command station. Only way to go really.

The keeping of the model train station, its engine and cars, surrounding tracks and landscapes, remains one of the most enduring of all hobbies. At some stage of their young lives, most men dream of taking ownership of such a hobby. And in today’s times, it is not inconceivable that there are young ladies taking part in this hobby too. But sadly, it remains out of reach for most. It need not be.

Folks who cannot afford their own trains and tracks for now, can surely join clubs that come as close to the hobby as possible. Those who already have their trainsets and tracks have a wonderful opportunity to keep on building. They have made their marks. Now it is time for them to be in full command. It is all systems go once they have acquired their first dcc command station. Once it is installed and fully operational, it is all over to the hobbyist to decide whether it is going to be all stations or an express route.

Fully in command, it is left up to the hobbyist to choose.